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Go! Darling Peppermint

Shandong Literature and Art Publishing House Co., Ltd_Go! Darling Peppermint

Author:Yu Yujun




Published Date:2017.06

Sample chapters

Go! Darling Peppermint

Author: Yu Yujun

Press: Shandong Publishing House of Literature and Art

Publication Date: 2017.06

Price: RMB16.00

ISBN: 978-7-5329-5479-7

Pages: 160

Size: 155*210mm

Brief introduction:

In the morning, I came cross “The Brother’s Swarthy Castle” from my dorm, then I say see you to sister Wan Wan. … After boundless farewell of Dazhu and Xiaozhu, my cat, Lunar Halo, reminded me to restaurant for the new year party. It was right, as there had a mysterious girl, Peppermint, but someone shouted “Go! Darling Peppermint”. With losing heatrt, I alone went into the subway shop, and was drawn by a scissor cut store. There was an unexpected sad story about family ties behind the splendid scissor cut of “Flower and High Heeled Shoes”. After I saw a glitter on “The Silver Tooth on Depressed River”, found me “Forgetting to Set up A Bridge”, so could but swing “Absent Minded Wings” flying through a day of  meandered up and down stories journey

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