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Brief Introduction

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Introduction of Shandong Publishing House of Literature and Art


Our press was established in April 1984. In December 2008, we were renamed to Shandong Publishing House of Literature and Art Co., Ltd, in the transformation of state owned cultural institutions into companies. We mainly publish Chinese and foreign works in literature and art, and theoretic and critical monographs, as well as teachers’ books and students’ books.


Our publications are in literature, art, theory, children books, traveling, custom, comprehensive sides and so on. Up to now, we have published more than 6000 titles, whose achievements were in original literature work, theoretic and critical monograph, culture accumulation, and copyright business. “The Annals of Chinese Literature from 1949 to 2009” obtained Award Nomination of China Publishing Governmental Prize in 3rd session. “The Best Collections of Famous Foreign Litterateurs” got China Book Award in 12th session.  “Kong Fansen”, “Workshop Director”, “The Great Judge”, “Commander” and “The Country’s Memory” had respectively won the Five Project Prize of China Propaganda Department in 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 13th session. In addition, more than 100 titles gained prizes awarded by our country and province.


 “The Series of Education and Discovery” had become the best influenced brand of China education for teachers. “Wan Wan Series”in 4 volumes had exported French and Korean copyrights which had been published in respective granted region. “The Literature research series on Minguo Time” for 6 titles had licensed Traditional Chinese Copyright which had issued. Three works of “The Short Stories by Authors Be Born in 1970's”, which are “I Am on the Way during Those Years”, “Play Music Together” and “An elder and Drink”, had licensed Korean Geulhangari Publishing the Korean copyright, which had obtained Sponsoring Translation from China Book International.

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