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A Dream throughout Millennium

Shandong Literature and Art Publishing House Co., Ltd_A Dream throughout Millennium

Author:Zhou Rui




Published Date:2017.05

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A Dream throughout Millennium

Author: Zhou Rui

Press: Shandong Publishing House of Literature and Art

Publication Date: 2017.05

Price: RMB18.00

ISBN: 978-7-5329-5468-1

Pages: 200

Size: 155*210mm

Brief introduction:

In the story “A Dream throughout Millennium”, an ancient manmade two pots of spirits which could let human sleep for millennium, because he believe there would have not bad people, so he divided the spirits and recipe to his two sons. Two sons drunk the spirits but didn’t do entirety, so they awaked in 500 years, and came into modern society. Then, two sons meted a series of ironic things between tears and laughers. The book consists of the fairy tales winning awards such as “A Dream throughout Millennium” and so on, which mainly faced the middle and high grades readers of primary school, and wined children book awards including the Second and Third Chinese National Excellent Children's Prize for Literature, the Fourth Taiwan Oriental Juvenile Literature Award, etc.

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